B&A Kick’s off 2020 at the Annual ASGA Convention and Tradeshow

For the second consecutive year, B&A Planning Group is hosting an information booth and is a Title Sponsor at the Alberta Sand and Gravel’s (ASGA) annual Convention and Tradeshow.

The ASGA represents the interests of Alberta aggregate operators on industry-related issues and educates the public on the value and uses of aggregate. The event takes place in Edmonton on January 8 and 9 and is focused on gathering industry experts and ASGA members together to network and share information about various topics that affect the aggregate industry.

B&A has provided planning, strategic advice, environmental, communications and public engagement support on several aggregate projects in Alberta and continues to work with the Calgary Aggregate Producers Group to provide guidance relative to local issues and opportunities that affect the industry.

Nathan Petherick, Partner and Senior Planner at B&A, says, “This is an important event that we are proud to support and participate in once again. It’s also a great opportunity for B&A to continue to build and foster new and existing relationships in the aggregate industry and remain integrated in all the issues and opportunities that influence this sector.”

Nathan explains that the industry continues to face challenges at every step of the approval process. B&A staff gave a presentation about experiences in Rocky View County at last year’s Convention which focused on the evolving provincial and local policy and regulatory environment and the challenges they pose to obtaining approvals in markets throughout the province, coupled with the rise of organized advocacy groups the importance of local industry collaboration and proactive communication to address issues presenting potential risks to industry. B&A continues to work with its aggregate clients to address these topics.

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