B&A Increases Focus on Indigenous Planning

B&A Planning Group has been successfully working with Indigenous communities in Western Canada for over a decade. We bring a listen-first approach to land planning and consultation with Indigenous communities that focuses on building trust, local capacity and providing award-winning planning expertise. 

Blaise Fontaine, BA (Hons) – Engagement Specialist, Pikwakanagan First Nation, Ontario – Blaise came to B&A Planning Group in July 2016 to support the company’s growing need for stakeholder engagement programs and Indigenous business development. Her educational background includes an Honours degree from the University of Victoria where she focused her studies on community consultation frameworks and community development. Blaise brings a specialized approach for engaging communities, and her commitment to building strong relationships premised on integrity and collaboration is always at the forefront of her practice. Prior to her role at B&A, Blaise’s professional experience included Aboriginal Consultation, IBA implementation and community development in Alberta’s oilsands. As well, she worked for the BC Provincial Government where she developed, resourced and implemented strategic plans in collaboration with 25 Indigenous groups to advance the province’s goals for Indigenous post-secondary access and retention.

Jonathan Schmidt, M.E.Des., RPP, MCIP – Senior Municipal Planner – Jonathan brings extensive experience in Indigenous community planning and land development across western Canada. He brings a sensitive community-based approach to planning and public engagement projects, with a keen understanding of how to deliver a successful project. He has worked with a range of Indigenous groups including the Akisqnuk, Aqam and Frog Lake First Nation communities.  Jonathan has exhibited his strong leadership skills through the preparation and amendment of statutory plans and bylaws including Area Structure Plans, land use bylaws, municipal development plans, sustainability plans, subdivision designs and development concepts.