B&A Energy Fueling Customized Planning Solutions for Energy Sector

As one of Western Canada’s leading planning, design, and engagement firms, B&A continuously builds upon its service offerings to support our diverse client sectors’ various and unique needs; with this in mind, B&A is excited to announce its extended service offering, B&A Energy.

Stemming from B&A’s deep understanding of municipal planning and land development processes across Canada, B&A Energy continues to develop and implement industry-leading planning approaches and methods to meet our energy sector clients’ unique needs. B&A Energy’s diverse service offerings are the result of years of developing customized planning approaches working with Canada’s leading energy companies, municipalities, landowners, and developers.

“B&A Energy has been a natural progression from the work our team is already doing, and we are tremendously proud of the unique planning innovations and solutions we have developed and brought to the energy sector to date,” says Nathan Petherick, Partner, Energy & Resource Development Services Lead. “Through the ongoing collaboration of our planning, communications and visualization team, we have developed a range of customized service offerings for our energy clients supported by innovative and customized approaches, tools and systems to support some of the most well-respected companies in the industry. We are just getting started and look forward to advancing further innovative planning solutions to market soon”.

B&A Energy’s industry-leading services include:

  • Municipal Land Use, Subdivision & Development Approvals
  • Land Use Planning and Development Monitoring Programs
  • Planning Assessments to Support Pipeline Planning Initiatives
  • Class Location Assessment Area Evaluations and Predictive Class Modelling
  • Integrated Mapping and GIS Solutions
  • Land Analysis & Due Diligence Investigations
  • Master Planning and Design Services
  • Land Use Planning Expert Witness Testimony at Regulatory Hearings

Among B&A Energy’s expansive service offering is an industry-leading integrated land use planning and development monitoring program to support operator/stakeholder collaboration and compliance with Federal and Provincial regulatory obligations. Since 2016, this national program has supported the intake and assessment of over 2,000 planning and development applications supporting early operator awareness and stakeholder collaboration between pipeline operators, landowners, municipalities, and developers.”

“At B&A, our mission is to work collaboratively to provide innovative, customized and balanced solutions for our clients and the communities we work in,” says Kathy Oberg, Managing Partner. “B&A Energy is an example of working to address a need while also building upon the industry standard in Canada.”

Since 2016, B&A has been a leader in developing customized planning approaches, systems and aiding energy sector pipeline operators in comprehensive damage prevention, integrity management, and predictive modeling initiatives.

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