A Vision for The Future – Village of Nakusp Approves New Official Community Plan

March 22, 2021

In February 2021, the Village of Nakusp approved its new Official Community Plan (OCP), developed by B&A Planning Group (B&A) in partnership with Nakusp Council and Administration. The updated OCP is intended to describe the long-term vision of Nakusp and guide growth and development in a sustainable and resilient manner. The Plan provides policy direction and implementation strategies on environmental and agricultural land protection and preservation, growth management, land use, housing, infrastructure and servicing, parks and open space, and social and economic development.

Since early 2020, the project team worked to engage Nakusp residents and stakeholders in developing a document that reflects the community’s values while also offering guidance for the Village’s future. The project team conducted extensive community engagement over six months, including three public open houses, six stakeholder workshops, formal presentations and online surveys resulting in over 300 community responses. Feedback collected through the engagement opportunities provided the project team with a fulsome understanding of how the Nakusp community wanted to see their Village evolve.

B&A appreciates the opportunity to have worked alongside the Village of Nakusp to develop the Official Community Plan – leveraging B&A’s extensive experience in planning, design, technical services and communications and engagement,” says Nathan Petherick, Partner, B&A Planning Group. “This policy tool will foster and guide positive change for the Village while establishing a strategic direction for the next 10 to 20 years.”

Rooted in and informed by a strong approach to community engagement and public participation, the OCP leveraged B&A’s leading GIS, 3D, and technical services. The strong visual assets developed by B&A throughout the OCP process supported the Village of Nakusp in evaluating development alternatives and communicating final plans in a visually compelling and clear manner.

B&A enjoyed working with the community, Council and Administration in developing a tool that will foster positive change in Nakusp as it continues to grow and develop.