About Us

We are one of Western Canada’s leading and largest community and land development planning firms. We bring a thirty-two year track record of success providing consulting services to a range of public and private sectors including landowners, developers, municipalities and the aggregate and energy industries.

Our award-winning team has earned a reputation for having the strategic leadership necessary to achieve success on complex planning projects.

We help manage every step of the planning process, from conceptualization to approval.

Our Mission

We are catalysts for change. We work together to provide innovative, customized and balanced solutions to shape our communities in a sustainable way.

Our Approach

At B&A, we take a strategic approach to every assignment and advocate on your behalf to achieve success. Our strategic lens involves finding triple-win solutions which benefit your organization, approving authorities and the community. This approach and our belief in finding optimal solutions is the cornerstone of our practice.

Our Core Values


We view each assignment through a strategic lens. This approach, supplemented by visionary planning, lays the foundation for project success.


We work collaboratively with project teams and clients to foster innovation and creative approaches to each planning assignment.


Passion for community, passion for people and passion for the places that we design and live is at the core of who we are.


We find solutions which embody a “triple win,” that balances the needs of our clients, regulatory bodies and stakeholders.